Free Range Buddhas is a rock and roll band with chewy space phaser vibes and a sparkly folk-punk mystique. These qualities are very much showcased in their latest album "Ritual" out March 25th. They have a classic vintage feel, as they embrace some of their more far-out tendencies, yet they have a modern rock sound that is uniquely their own. Their vibe is reminiscent of bands such as Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac, and even The Grateful Dead, but they also have a contemporary folk-punk underbelly that keeps everything driving and pulsating similar to acts such as Neko Case and Hurray for the Riff Raff. The music of Free Range Buddhas gets folks up out of their chairs and out onto the dance floor. They want you to let your freak flag fly and let the music take you wherever you want to go! This latest album "Ritual" has a sense of mysticism, vulnerability, and divine feminine badassery that weaves through the entirety of the record, binding what may at first seem like an odd collection of songs, together to make one cohesive ritualistic, cathartic, yet immensely FUN experience. A ritual is an inciting action. It invokes a sense of intuition, illumination, resilience, bravery, and shedding of the hang ups we let get in the way of our clarity and growth. This album asks the listener to set off on a ritual of their own, and encourages them as they dive into the depths of their own chaos. Special guests are local beloved desert rock band St. Range and Meow Wolf's resident DJ and Earth's premier space jockey Astrofreq.