Jozette plumbs the depths of her own experience for lyrical content and Americana-driven indie tunes. By meaning it a hell of a lot more than almost anyone else around, we feel it, too, and it feels good, even if it hurts sometimes” - Alex De Vore

The Santa Fe Reporter

Who are FRee range buddhas?

The music of Free Range Buddhas is a spirited blend of folk-rock, psychedelic pop, and good ol American rock and roll in all of it’s glorious forms.  They have been likened to such bands as Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, CSNY, and The Allman Brothers. Front woman, Francesca Jozette, writes songs with an essence of mysticism, raw emotion, and tenderly soulful vulnerability. At the same time Jozette's lyrics are clever and catchy, the band's grooves make you want to boogie, the guitar lines have a western sparkly space phaser quality and the overall energy of the band is genuinely contagious. Free Range Buddhas aim to emulate a classic timeless vibe while embracing their own unique modern sound. They want to feed the soul, nourish the spirit, and keep your feet dancing all night long!


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