Jozette plumbs the depths of her own experience for lyrical content and Americana-driven indie tunes. By meaning it a hell of a lot more than almost anyone else around, we feel it too, and it feels good, even if it hurts sometimes” - Alex De Vore

The Santa Fe Reporter

Drenched in a wondrous cloud of sensory-rousing psychedelia and possessing a definite sense of both striking personality and creative exuberance, Ritual is an energy-inducing piece of folk-punk-infused alternative rock that manages to conjure up that oh so marvelous feeling of musical intoxication.” - Andre Arvanessian

Free Range Buddhas believe in a return to the pseudo-spiritual era of rock on their single Ritual. It's space-rock made in a tiny room under perfect communication. It's the sound of a band trying to travel to india through the power of imagination. I confess that many of us still believe in this kind of magic and need all the help that the likes of Free Range Buddhas can provide.” - Eduard Banalescu


What to expect

Dive into the Free Range Buddhas wild concoction of alt-folk, psychedelic pop, and good ol' American rock n' roll. Francesca Jozette, the enchantress behind the lyrics, weaves mysticism and raw emotion with a cheeky touch. Her words are as catchy as the grooves that'll have you boogieing, while the guitar lines bring a sparkly western space phaser vibe. The band's contagious energy aims for a classic feel with their own quirky modern twist! They've been likened to musical wizards like Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Neko Case, and Hurray for the Riff Raff. Prepare for a musical journey that's part time-travel, part modern groove-fest!


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